Yoga Quote and Thoughts

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”
– Peace Pilgrim

Really think about this quote, and how it rings true in so many situations. It is tempting to immediately think about this quote in terms of our own lives and our own relationships, understanding it from a personal perspective. But what if you apply this quote to others, strangers, the world?

I think about the figures in history who have caused so much pain, suffering and harm. The disrupters, the war-mongers. I can’t imagine how much inner turmoil and disruption they must have within themselves, to cause such unrest in the world. And then I wonder, could they have been saved of this inner war and outer war if they had had a guide, or perhaps even a spiritual practice? Clearly they cannot live at peace with others, for they are the instigators of war. What then, could they have done, what can WE do, to help others find inner peace?

Live by example. If we all live by example, then the example will spread, and inner and outer peace will spread. Be kind to yourself first. Then be kind to those around you. Be patient and understanding with your children and friends, and they will learn how to be patient and understanding. Be good to strangers, no matter what the circumstances. Be a present and thoughtful friend. This kindness will spread.


Giving gifts to friends = spreading kindness.

Goodness can spread just as quickly as negativity. Sometimes it’s more difficult to be good and kind, especially when you are being confronted by someone who is rude, abrupt, or mean! Ironic, isn’t it, that the higher path is more difficult? But we must persevere. Introduce your friends, as many friends as you can, to yoga. This is a good start. Yoga is such a great way to find inner peace. Yoga can save the world!

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