Healthy Lunch for Everyone!

I am no expert on food, but I am an expert on what makes me feel good. I have perfected the art of a great lunch, and I want to share with you how simple it can be. First of all, you won’t need an oven, microwave or stove. Just a knife. You will have variety, and you can mix and match depending on your mood. At the core of this lunch is color. In fact, if you think about eating and diet as a whole, having a colorful, varied diet is extremely important. The more richly colored the vegetable, the more nutrients are packed into it.

Simply cut up a variety of fruits and vegetables, add a protein, some cracked pepper, some healthy dipping sauces, and a cup of herbal tea. I like to mix and match every day. Here’s what one day looks like:

– ½ cucumber, cut into slices
– ½ red pepper, cut into slices
– Turkey breast
– Smoked salmon
– Spinach
– Olives
– Avocado
– Red grapes
– Carrots
– Stone ground mustard and soy free Vegenaise, sea salt and cracked black peppercorn

Mix and match as you eat. Take a red pepper and wrap it in a slice of salmon, then dip in the mustard. Top a slice of cucumber with Vegenaise, turkey and spinach. It’s a buffet of color and full of so many different vitamins, plus it’s fun to eat. I feel energized and glowing after munching on my lunch board. And it’s great to share with a couple different people.

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