The Beauty of Yamas and Niyamas

Yoga is so beautiful. It makes my day better. It brings me closer to my self, helps me appreciate my self, warms me. It helps me to appreciate people, and trees, and the sky, and on a more abstract plane, life.

When I leave a yoga class, I usually need a few minutes or maybe even longer to reflect on what I am feeling. Communication can be difficult because I am still in the clouds. But nothing feels wrong about that. It’s beautiful to be taken so high into the heavens that earthbound activities feel foreign for a little while. After a time, you may even get used to it, and it becomes possible to maintain that “walking on water” feeling throughout all aspects of your life.

Be conscious of how you feel during and after your practice, and keep in mind the below Yamas and Niyamas to enhance all aspects of your life and yoga practice. Imagine what inner and outer peace you will achieve with this as your guide!


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