Adjustments in Yoga – Why They Are So Important

Yoga adjustments are an essential part of ones yoga class. Remember that for most of us, we go to a class to learn, to go deeper in our “practice.” The fundamental reason adjustments are important is safety. We want to practice yoga in a way that is safe and comfortable for our body. Injuries occur when our asanas are incorrectly aligned and it can be challenging to go deeper in the asana and the soul work if misaligned because,  the prana is unavailable to all of the body and systems of the body. It is the yoga teacher’s job, as a teacher, to assist in correcting this misalignment.If we delve a little deeper, adjustments and touch in yoga classes are therapeutic, even healing, bringing the practice to a higher level energetically. Touch is powerful, especially for yoga instructors and students. Personally, when I am in a yoga class, it can be such a comfort to have a teacher adjust me or simply lay compressive hands on me in child’s pose.adjustmentsMyself adjusting a student in one of my classes at Black Mountain Yoga Studio, using my signature YogaTouchMethod.Adjustments help me to understand physically where my body belongs – I am able to FEEL it. In addition, being adjusted can be like having a mini massage. It just feels good. Some teachers, of course, are more comfortable adjusting their students, and better at it. I recommend seeking out these teachers and taking their classes. It can bring your practice to a whole new level.If you are a teacher and perhaps not so comfortable adjusting students in class, maybe it’s time to learn some new techniques in order to provide a complete spiritual, therapeutic experience for your students. A great place to start is with my book, Yoga’s Touch: Hands-On Adjustments, Alignment & Verbal Cues, available for purchase here ( We are all in this together, so let’s help to make everyone’s yoga experience as fulfilling and wonderful as possible!#yogaadjustments #yogaassist #yoga #touch #therapeuticyoga

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