Welcome to this YogaTouchMethod blog. I am excited to share my yoga journey, my yoga knowledge, and my yoga discoveries with you! I hope that you will also share your experiences with yoga and life, and especially with YogaTouchMethod, if you haven’t yet read the book and should decide to try some of the wonderful techniques described therein – I want to hear how it went and any feedback you’d like to share.

The power of touch can be healing in that it can alter one from thought to feeling, give an a-ha moment of a new place to feel, it can be a reminder to breathe and perhaps to breathe more fully in the place being touched and the list goes on.

Teachers: Remember to touch with ease and confidence. Move in, Touch, Ground, Adjust, and back away for the yoga student to do the rest on his own.

Enjoy your yoga practice and remember to smile and breathe!

In love,


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