Align the body to gain freedom through all aspects of your Self!

    Distilled from insight gained from thousands of classes and therapeutic bodywork sessions, the YogaTouchMethod℠ is a system of yoga therapy that utilizes the transformative power of alignment, cues and touch to free the body, clear the mind and release the emotions.

    How the YogaTouchMethod℠ Helps:

    For teachers, it removes the guesswork from hands-on adjustments, concisely explains the functional and anatomical focus of asanas, and encourages clear communication.

    For students, it provides a ray of hope by offering a road map to the body and a path to healing and greater strength, which in turn allows for a deeper connection with the Self at all levels.

    The act of containing energy—whether it is to bring breath in or keep breath out—builds power, balance, alignment, and prana.

    Martia Bennett Rachman

    Praise for Martia Bennett Rachman and the YogaTouchMethod℠

    The touch of the teacher during the practice of yoga can be disruptive if the touch is not one that allows. Martia Rachman is an “allower” – much like the potter who holds the clay and waits long enough to hear what the clay is asking for. The clay or the human may ask for support, release, or remolding – whatever is needed in the moment. If these desires are felt in the hands of the “allower,” the yogi/the teacher who is hearing the call of the recipient and is feeling the new self rising, the experience is profound and life-changing. It is like the air which one breathes… ever-changing and at the same time quiet and at rest within. This is the art of the “allower”: simultaneous transcendence. Martia Rachman is the allower, the artist, the yogi.

    Melinda Halford, Physical Therapist and Lifelong Yogi

    Teach proper body mechanics to avoid injury

    Correct muscular or skeletal imbalances, especially those caused by improper movement patterns, overuse or repetitive motion

    Calm the nervous system through the power of touch

    Align physically for your mind and spirit to soar

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