The Whisper

Have you heard yours lately? I occasionally get to enjoy Oprah Winfrey and the beloveds she chooses to interview either on Master Class or my favorite, Super Soul Sunday. Recently I heard an interview of her, by her (sounds odd, but it was a Master Class on Oprah herself). She shared this word “whisper” to refer to Spirit communicating to her. This spoke to me because I love the whispers. I know I am not aligned when the whisper has faded or I am not hearing it as clearly as usual.

This is when our intuition speaks to us. When the whisper, God, our Self, intuition, or whatever you may all it, lets us know if something is off or that inner resounding voice cueing us that we are on the right track.

What is your highest frequency Whisper right now? The whisper I am asking you to hear is the one that opens your eyes again to your desires, to the very essence of you. Not what society thinks you should be doing, where you should be living, how you should be spending your time, etc, but instead, what your conscious or your Spirit echoes to you when you’re able to tune in and simply… listen.

Take a moment in the next few hours to: Lie down on your back. Draw your knees in your chest and rock back and forth. Do a reclined spinal twist on each side, a bridge pose for 10 breaths, roll to your side and up onto your knees for a few cat/cow poses, a downward facing dog, thread the needle on each side for 10 breaths, and then return to your back. Close your eyes, soften your skin all the way through to your bones. Take a deep breath and let all of your physical ability, limitations and weight go. Take a deeper breath into your brain and let your skull expand as you tune into the space between your eyebrows.

Without controlling or contriving your experience, what is the whisper? Listen. Go deeper and breath in and out softly. Don’t move around trying to change it or plan for another idea or adventure. Smile at it. Remind your whisper that you love hearing it and that you honor it.

When you’re ready, roll to your favorite side, and then up to your seat. Bow to yourself for taking this moment to truly listen and give gratitude.

Go now and fulfill your truth.

Namaste & Love


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