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Yoga Practice as a Prayer

My husband¬†and myself attend Black Mountain Presbyterian Church in our home town – Just happens to be across the street from our yoga studio, Black Mountain Yoga and our clinic, Rachman Clinic. It’s a progressive and very mindful congregation and we love the community and communion of going deeper with God/spirit/higher Self… Many names, for some of us the same thing.

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The Whisper

Have you heard yours lately? I occasionally get to enjoy Oprah Winfrey and the¬†beloveds she chooses to interview either on Master Class or my favorite, Super Soul Sunday. Recently I heard an interview of her, by her (sounds odd, but it was a Master Class on Oprah herself). She shared this word “whisper” to refer to Spirit communicating to her. This spoke to me because I love the whispers. I know I am not aligned when the whisper has faded or I am not hearing it as clearly as usual.

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