Yogic Tips to help Save the Earth

Yoga is not only about our body, mind & soul, but also about the care of our planet in which we live and thrive. 


Here are a few Yogic Earth-Care Tips:

  • If it’s yellow, let it mellow. We are the one of the only countries that uses FRESH water to flush our toilets! It takes 3.5-7 gallons of FRESH water to flush once. Might payoff (for you and the earth) to invest in a dual flush/less H20 toilet.
  • Drive less, Walk more. Great for you and and the environment. Think before you crank. Is it necessary for you to drive? Could you walk there?
  • Paper or Plastic? Huge environmental question we all ask ourselves and the jury is still out on what takes and uses less to make (We know plastic is harsher on the environment but we need more trees!). Answer: Take your own re-usable bags with you. Ikea bags work great.

Please Choose: “No bag, Thank you!” We are a culture that loves things wrapped up and packaged. It makes us feel rewarded. Reward the earth and carry it out, bring your bag or ask for a cardboard box that you can recycle (ingles has them up front).

  • To-go food: 1. Are you eating out and have a little food left over? Is the amount you’ll keep and maybe eat tomorrow worth the plastic/Styrofoam? If so, carry a to-go container with you when you go out. 2. If you’re getting food to-go, could you eat there instead to save on containers that will land in the landfill?
  • Buy Bulk: Buying in bulk allows in most cases one large container to hold your food verses using many containers to contain small amounts of food.You can re-use Mason jars to contain your bulk food. Looks nice in your cupboard, reduces risk of moths & saves the earth!
  • Turn Lights Out: If you’re not in the room, no need to burn the electricity. It’s a simple switch.
  • Water
    • Turn it off if you’re not using it in that moment (please don’t let it run while you’re doing something else)
    • Turn the facet partly on instead of full blast – same needs met (unless filling up)
    • Fill your dishwasher and washing machine instead of little load for the same amount of water usage.
    • Don’t rince your dishes before placing in your dishwasher
    • Consider a cistern (rain water collectors) to water plants
    • Reduce how often you wash your car.
    • Is there anything you can do with your fresh (or gray water) before throwing it down the drain. Think: Plants.
  • Electronics & Appliances: We all like the latest and greatest but a great question to ask yourself is: Do I really need this? Is my other device still serving and meeting my needs? Can someone else use this one so that (here’s the big one): It doesn’t land in the landfill?
  • Re-use paper (make scrap or print on both sides)
  • Use less Plastic & NO Styrofoam! It takes so many natural resources to produce plastic and pollutes the air in the process + it never breaks down. Styrofoam NEVER breaks down and CANNOT be recycled.
  • Turn the Thermostat down in winter and up in summer when you’re not at home. We live in such a comfortable climate 6 months out of the year we can use less HVAC and more fresh air.
  • Future purchases consider your true needs, the packaging and the overall environmental impact of your item.
  • Think at the trash can: When I throw this away, Where is “AWAY”? 
We all live downstream of our choices. Lets us pull together to support a thriving environment. It’s the Yogic way.
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